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The most extensive knowledge about VoIP Services and Solutions can be found on GI Telecom’s FAQ’s Page. All the questions you need to know about VoIP Services can be found on our VoIP Frequently Asked Questions page.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Service is your most efficient and affordable VoIP Business Service in UK. Our highly skilled and devoted VoIP consultants offer professional free advice when restructuring and improving your existing network.

Payment Details

GI Telecom uses highly effective and reliable Payment Methods when providing Business Services and accepts all major Credit/Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, PayPal and Direct Debit.

Private Access Network

Private Access Network (PAN) ensures 24/7 support and flawless Call Quality, PAN feature offers the best possible guarantee to ensure high system stability that’s cheaper compared to ISDN equivalent nationally within UK.

Porting Numbers

GI Telecom’s Porting Numbers Service can help many businesses place their existing numbers onto our hosted system. View our porting costs and learn the benefits of Voice enabled numbers.

Call Charges

GI Telecom offers competitive National and International VoIP rates for business users across the UK. Our VoIP Call Charges are charged to the minute but in practice seconds are considered. We offer no limits for Outbound Call Capacity.


GI Telecom is a leading UK provider of fully managed Cloud Based Telephony Solutions, IT services and CRM systems. Services include Broadband and VoIP Solutions