GI Telecom UK and International Telephone numbers


GI TELECOM - Telephone Numbers
Set-up Fee: One-off, £5.00

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GI Telecom can offer a wide range of numbers locally and internationally offering a presence within a certain area without physically situated there. Your business can choose various memorable numbers for your customers to easily remember while taking your number with you if you decide to relocate.

Highlights, Fees & Technical Specifications:

  • Select a strong area code for corporate impression
  • Choose any UK or International number
  • Codes G711 alaw/ulaw, G729a and G722
  • Up to 10 concurrent calls (more available)
  • £1.00 a month fixed fee
  • No extra hardware is required
  • Choose memorable numbers
  • Switch single line numbers for multi line numbers
  • 5 fail over destinations per number - Mobile, landlines and IP-phone