GI Telecom SIP Trunk

Pay as you go

Set-up Fee: One-off, £25.00

In stock

GI Telecom offers you the opportunity to make as many or as little outbound calls with your Smartphone or IP-phone device. This solution includes no monthly subscription, no more fees for unused phone lines and your device can also be configured to show your own Caller ID. Call charges will apply so please visit our tables to learn more about our charges.

Highlights, Fees & Technical Specifications

  • Unlimited outbound call capacity
  • Pay As You Go or monthly bills
  • Select your own Caller ID
  • Set-up fee £25
  • Codecs: G729a, G711 alaw/ulaw and G722
  • Emergency calls allowed
  • Hot Billing(call logs)
  • Use any mobile or IP-phone device
  • No monthly subscription
  • Exceptional call quality