GI Telecom Private Access Network (PAN)

GI Telecom treats the quality of its services as one of the top priorities. The only way to ensure the flawless quality for calls including the availability of lines is not to include to much data traffic within the existing network. Unlike other similar service providers GI Telecom does not influence the call quality for its customers due to data and space rationalizations. We do not make savings on our customers’ expenses.

For this purpose we are providing our customers with our Private Access Network (PAN) reserved especially for voice call traffic. This network is not being shared or used in any other way except for voice traffic itself. There is no better guarantee for our customers’ expectations on call quality than our PAN feature. When it comes to the GI Telecom’s Private Access Network we apply a zero tolerance towards potential failures.

Our PAN has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • An independent router for insuring system stability
  • The priority is given to the channels rather than bandwidth
  • 25% cheaper compared to the ISDN equivalent
  • Offer ranges from 3 to 48 channels
  • The number of current channels can be easily adjusted