GI Telecom Privacy Policy

  1. General Privacy Issues

  2. 1.1 This Privacy Policy is referring to GI Telecom and its associated products and services from the perspective of privacy related issues.

    1.2 GI Telecom collects information related to its customers with the sole purpose of improving their experience and satisfaction with our products and services. In certain cases this information can be used for the advertising purposes. The customers themselves will be always provided with an option to accept or decline this commercial offer.

    1.3 GI Telecom collects information about your credit card and other payment related date for the sole purpose of providing its products and services as mentioned in this privacy policy.

  3. Information Collecting Issues

  4. 2.1 In order for you to purchase and use our products and services the following information is required:

    2.1.1. Contact information such as your name, address, phone number, and email

    2.1.2. User name(s) for your account(s)

    2.1.3. Billing related information

    2.2 All customers are offered with a choice whether or not to accept the disclosure of their private information. In addition, it is important for them to know that certain data is required for providing them with an opportunity to use our products and services.

    2.3 GI Telecom uses the cookies. You are hereby advised to inform about the cookies and their characteristics regarding your privacy through the following link

    2.4 Theinformation related to you collected by the cookies can and will be used for the sole purpose of improving your opportunities for using our products and services. 

  5. Third-Parties Information Related Issues

  6. 3.1 The third parties are not allowed to collect the private information about GI Telecom’s users.

    3.2 The exceptions from this rule include the following situations:

    3.2.1. Your private information can and will be disclosed when required by judicial, legal or other relevant authorities

    3.4.2. Your private information can and will be disclosed for the purposes of legal and tax related proceedings you are involved in

  7. ConfidentialityIssues

  8. 4.1 All private information collected for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy will be treated as confidential.

    4.2 By accepting this Privacy Policy you express your allowance for GI Telecom to use the information related to you as being described hereby.

    4.3 By accepting this Privacy Policy you express your allowance for GI Telecom to predict and evaluate certain patterns of your use of our products and services with the sole purpose of providing you with an information about the products or services that can suit you the best.

    4.4 GI Telecom is allowed to inform you from time to time about its new offers and relevant products you may have an interest. You will be offered with a choice to cancel this option at any time. 

  9. Other Issues

  10. 5.1 You are hereby expressing your allowance that information related to you can be retained by us as long as it is necessary for the reasons mentioned in this privacy policy.

    5.2 GI Telecom will protect your private information with a special care. However, we cannot be held liable for the potential security risks.

    5.3 GI Telecom is allowed to change this policy completely or certain parts occasionally without an obligation to inform its customers every time this occurs.

    5.4 If you have any questions referring our Privacy Policy you are free to use the following email: