How Can Hosted IP-PBX Contribute To My Business?

PBX stands for a Private Branch Exchange phone system which can successfully play a role of an expensive and complex phone system for your company. With Hosted IP-PBX you can still enjoy the supporting features such as fax, voicemail, SMS messages, and many others, for a much affordable price.
When it comes to the Hosted IP-PBX service GI Telecom doesn’t make a distinction between small businesses with up to 10 users or larger corporations with over 500 users. In all cases high productivity and work efficiency is guaranteed with a parallel cost saving process.

With our Hosted IP-PBX even the smallest companies can afford the features of the highly complex business telepony system while also being strictly reserved for larger corporations. On the other side, companies which operate on an international level with a high number of employees can substantially decrease their costs with this fantastic system by linking sites and connecting users to one single network. In both cases, Hosted IP-PBX can mean a difference between survival or disappearance in the modern business arena.

Our offer includes the following features of Hosted IP-PBX:

Save up to 60% on your phone bill

1. Call Queuing

Answer All Calls! Embrace All Opportunities!

With our Call Queuing Service you will never face the danger of not being able to answer all of your calls due to the lack of people or devices. The very first impression of GI Telecom is created on the first call, with this solution it offers a great deal of professionalism while managing your customers. With Call Queuing every single customer calling you at the same time will get a personalized message about their current position including the invaluable information how long they have to wait for an adviser to answer. Our Call Queuing Service is simple to use and adjusts to your business needs.

Send The Right Kind Of A Message To Your Potential Clients With Our Call Queuing Service!

2. Virtual Switchboard (IVR)

Guide Your Customers To The Right Call Receiving Sections With Ease And Precision!

Our Interactive Voice Responsive Service will provide your customers with an effective and personalized voice message to the extensions they have been looking for. Our Virtual Switchboard IVR Service is very simple and completely adjustable to use. You are free to use our recorded messages or you can create your own fully personalized voice messages with appropriate names or numbers for your company’s departments or sections.

Customer Appreciation - Pleasant Service 

3. Emergency Services Access

With Our Customers For Better And For Worse!

New technologies have raised old doubts, one of the most common worries among the users of VoIP services is the ability to dial the emergency services as you’re able to do with the classic phone system.

 GI Telecom offers full support to our client creating a safe and secure working environment.

Classic Security – Modern Features!

4. PBX Call Groups

Reach All The People You Need With Just One Call!

Our PBX Call Group service enables you to organise your extensions to ring simultaneously to separate departments or different locations while Call Hunting allows multiple lines to ring in a prescribed sequence allowing your employees to answer all inbound calls. This feature is effective for employers that have employees working from home or from various remote office locations.

One Button – More Options!

5. PBX Extension Numbers

Extend Your Business Opportunities With Our Extension Numbers!

With our offer of PBX Extension Numbers you can have as many as 800 extensions by using only three digits as a short code. These extensions can be assigned to your employees or offices all over the world with no limitations. PBX Extension Numbers are simple to choose and free to use.

PBX Extension Numbers – Simple To Add And Free To Use!

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