Our aim is to save you time and energy by enabling you to cover all your business needs in one place.

GI Telecom is completely dedicated to its mission of providing top services according to the principle all-in-one service. We aim is to save your time and energy by enabling you to cover all your business requirements in one place. Whatever you may require from GI Telecom you can rest assure that the same quality and devotion of our employees will follow. For these reasons, IT Services are not an exception from this trustworthy policy.
Here are some of the reasons for you to consider using our IT Services:

Size DOES NOT Matter

Regardless the volume of your specific requirements our attention and top results orientation will remain unchanged.

Serving Servers

Our capacities are remarkable. In addition, we grow parallel with your development. Our servers are growing in size and data capacity increases on a daily basis to serve our client needs.

First Try, Then Pay

GI Telecom is flexible and we understand but most importantly we care. First we provide and then we charge. No obligations & No additional fees.

One Place, One Invoice

GI Telecom issues one invoice for all of our services saving you time and increasing work efficiency. Less paperwork, less hassle but more production!

Excellent Support With Less Effort

The team at GI Telecom are marked as a synonym for IT elite. Our 24/7 customer support is always available for any eventuality.

By Your Side

This is where you need us & when you need us. This isn't our motto this is the GI Telecom promise.

Tailors & ET's

Our team offers expert advice to help tailor GI Telecom services according to your business requirements. Their expertise has extra-terrestrial elements to help maximise your business potential at no extra cost. Our experts are available through the consultancy service.

More Affordable Than Ever

It’s fair to compare our prices with those of our competition. GI Telecom offers competitive rates and affordable low monthly fees. Discuss rates and fees with our team of professionals.

Safety/Discretion First

We are silent while we work keeping distractions to a minimum while your security is a priority.

Only No. 1

All of our IT services are top priority. There are no primary and secondary services and we believe each service is as important as the next. GI Telecom can offer various IT solutions for your business.

Communicate & Evaluate

Work with one company that provides all your services and establish a strong partnership. Our CRM and support services are integrated and highly efficient while compatible with our VoIP Hosted telephony and IT solutions. GI Telecom believes good communication is key!

No Extra Fees, Just Extra Services!

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