GI Telecom Fax to Email


GI TELECOM - Fax to Email 
Set-up Fee: One-off, £5.00

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GI Telecom fax to email is an effective feature that allows you to receive faxes while you are on the go. You only need to access your emails online to view any incoming faxes. For just £4.00 a month you can receive PDF attachments to any email address while no expensive hardware is necessary

Highlights, Fees & Technical Specifications

  • Faxes are received as emails
  • £1.00 monthly fee
  • Set-up fee £5.00
  • Select your own fax number
  • Instant set-up and receive faxes
  • No expensive hardware
  • Receive unlimited free faxes
  • View your faxes from Mobile/laptop/PC
  • Receive faxes as PDF attachments