GI Telecom Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen with my broadband connection that I already use?

When it comes to a broadband connection you are already using, you can still use it. This also applies to people who work at home and run small sites. Nevertheless, for an appropriate call quality and availability of lines for a larger site (which includes 50 or more users) you are strongly advised to use our Private Access Network with the appropriate broadband to handle your users.

Is it possible for me to use the GI Telecom services in my home?

Sure. We recommend you to use our home office solution, its perfectly suited to your office extensions at your home.

Can you tell me something more about the hosted IP telephony?

Through our central site we offer a completely secure service and we provide our customers with adequate access. This practically means through our “hosting” equipment can be very expensive, so we save you money in exchange for a high quality telephone system for you to utilise.

I would like to know more about VoIP?

VoIP stands for the Voice over Internet Protocol. Internet technology serves as the mechanism of delivery for your phone calls. VoIP itself will become standard in the near future eliminating traditional lines altogether.

What about the number of lines I can use?

With a broadband connection currently in use we can provide you with up to 3 parallel calls. It is worth emphasizing that all of your functions such as voicemail and call divert can still be fully operational when using all of your lines.

How long are my contractual obligations?

Our customer’s contract includes a minimum period of 12 months with a regular duration of 36 months including 2 months cancellation notice. We can also offer contracts over a 60 month period!

What is required for an installation?

When it comes to your IP-phone all you need is the LAN infrastructure that you already use. On the other side, for larger and more complex installation you can use our mobile installation service.

I would like to know what is the installation lead-time?

The installation itself is quite simple and does not require much of your time. In addition, network delivery including provisioning requires no more than 20 days.

What will happen if the network fails?

Although, the chances for this to happen are very small, you do not have to worry about this. We will take care of all your incoming calls where they are transferred to our data centre.

What will happen to the numbers I am already using?

We can include your BT numbers in our network by our porting service.

What will happen with my numbers in case I move?

With GI Telecom, your numbers will follow you wherever you relocate so no cancellations and no need to wait for new lines to be installed at your new destination.

What will happen with my BT bill?

You do not need to worry about this process. We will provide you with a complete service that includes all elements of billing by providing one monthly invoice.

I am interested in this service, how do I pay for it?

You are free to use your Debit and Credit Card, bank transfer or Direct Debit payments.

How about the Internet access through GI Telecom?

For the security reasons we are providing only a voice service which is separated from the Internet. We can help you choose a more suited broadband by recommending a company.

What about other SIP and/or VoIP devices?

Please note that you are free to use other devices. However, we do not provide supporting services for other SIP devices. Therefore, our features are not fully functional on these devices. You will need to use GI Telecom for all services for full potential.

I would like to use my current phone system. Is that possible?

With our SIP service the existing IP and PBX are enabled to ensure the advantages of VoIP networks. In this case your current device can be configured with GI Telecom.

What is happening with free calls?

You can definitely count on that. Our packages include this opportunity for our users. When using GI Telecom’s PAN you can experience free calls between company users.

What about my current LCR (Least Cost Routing) provider?

You have to be aware that all of your traffic associated to the PTN (Public Telephone Network) will be terminated. In addition, VoIP calls can provide you with significant savings. Therefore, you will not need your LCR provider anymore.

What about my Fax and/or PDQ machines?

Although, you may use these services, we strongly recommend you to use analogue lines for these purposes. GI Telecom can also provide you with these extra services.

Is a maintenance agreement required?

We will take care and maintain your telephony. Therefore, no such agreement is required.

I am definitely interested in your services, but I am not sure which one is the best for me. Can you help?

Do not hesitate to contact GI Telecom by using our company details: 02035 000 010