Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a great way for you to improve your business perspectives.

If you are already a GI Telecom customer using our VoIP and IT Services then adding CRM to your package can help you reach the next level of efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some of the reasons for you to consider using our CRM:

1. Managing Leads to Profit

GI Telecom will help you manage your customers and business sales in the most optimal and efficient way. For a small fixed fee you can organise your business structure and working process to meet the industry requirements, if your employees work more efficiently then productivity will increase.  

2. Track People, Track Success

Handling a large volume of information regarding customers and services can be a troublesome task for any company. With GI Telecom’s CRM system employees can send and track email campaigns, fully manage and organise their customers.

3. Building Relationships & Ensuring Quality

CRM enables you to build and maintain strong and fruitful relationships with your clients by implementing notes into the system. By executing this task company employees are fully aware of the client situation when viewing their account.

4. Integrate & Evaluate

Your CRM system can be easily integrated with our IT and VoIP services allowing operations to run smoothly. Once you start using these services you will appreciate the all-in-one solution linked under one company. Connect with your social media links to enhance your brand awareness.

5. Information Flows While Business Grows

You will be simply amazed by the speed, relevancy and accuracy of information flow essential for the development of your business. Smart software for growing businesses.

6) No Limits For Requests

With our CRM system you can receive unlimited customer requests without the worry of being able to process them accordingly. Customer requests are managed and organised by you or your employees and can be set up to suit your business.

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