The Ultimate Telecommunication Service & Management Platform

  • Utilise our powerful Class 4-5 SIP Softswitch combined with Portabilling software system
  • Superior online tools and advanced features including Media applications
  • Multiple platforms available to maintain customer service with no interruptions
  • End-to-end voice termination, offering high quality & cost-effective routes
  • Oversight from our tier 1 Network Operation Centres & Customer support

Competitive rates and superior call quality from our next-generation network

GOLD Quality

Gold routes consists of high call quality combined with a competitive rates for international call carriers & resellers working with retail customers

Gold routes are directly connected to Tier 1-2 Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and Local Network Operators (LNO)

  • Eliminating other carrier connections to reduce technical issues
  • Direct Connections ensuring retail customers excellent call quality
  • Maintaining secure and stable routes at the highest grade
  • Use Tech Prefix 3004 to route calls to Gold routes

Proactively managed route offering high statistics and uncompromising call quality.

  • Gold routes offer 100% Pure Caller Line Identity (CLI) for all calls
  • Gold routes offer failover to guarantee a top quality service
  • Above 65% Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) for all Gold routes
  • Above 6 mins Average Length of Call (ALOC) for all Gold routes
Network Operations Centre (NOC) - 24/7 Support

SILVER Quality

Silver routes provide QoS while offering our lowest rates for wholesale carriers. This route is the most affordable while maintaining good call quality

Silver routes is a mixture of direct connections, Local Network Operators & call Termination Partners

  • Over 100 connections to our call Termination Partners
  • Offering Stable routes across a wide range of carriers/providers
  • Silver routes offer A-Z destinations while maintaining low rates
  • Use Tech Prefix 3001 to route calls to Silver routes

Proactively managed route offering reliable statistics and good call quality.

  • Silver routes offer no Caller Line Identity (CLI) for all calls
  • Silver routes offer failover to maintain a continuous service
  • Above 25% Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) for all Silver routes
  • Above 3 mins Average Length of Call (ALOC) for all Silver routes
Network Operations Centre (NOC) - 24/7 Support
Easy Set-Up With Support - Prepay and Postpaid accounts available - Quick connection & free test account - Highly experienced and dedicated support - Simply add Gold or Silver prefix to start - Superior Quality of Service - Call rates are reviewed on a weekly basis - Manage your own call quality via two prefixes - Consultants available to offer expert advice - Rate discounts on high volume Termination - Manage Online Account - Manage Call Detail Records (CDR’s) online - Credit your account with online payments - Manage your support tickets online - Download statistics & customise reports