The key benefits are:

Boosting Business Sales

GI Business solutions including call queuing, call waiting and call forwarding increases productivity, boosting company revenue.

Increased Company Profits

When hosting with GI Telecom you immediately notice an increase in company profits due to various reasons, efficiency and low cost billing is the main reasons for this possitive effect.

Management Efficency

All GI solutions help the efficiency of your business, you are able to view statistics while over seeing your companies productivity.

Low Monthly Costs

When switching from your old telephone system to VoIP you can eliminate high costs in exchange for a low monthly fixed fee for each solution or call feature you select.

Add/Remove Features

While hosting with GI Telecom you can add and remove features when ever you like adapting to your company's requirements.

Here's how it works

VoIP is very accessible since it’s compatible with computers, IP-phones and Smart phones when connected to the internet allowing you to work from many different locations. If you still work with the public switched telephone network and suffering from expensive monthly phone bills, then it’s time to change to GI hosted telephony saving your business up to 60% on phone calls.

  • Signalling
  • Media channel set-up
  • Digitalized analogue voice signal
  • Encoding/decoding
  • Packetization
  • Transmission of IP packets over digital network
  • Reception of IP packets
  • Digital-to-analog

Save up to 60% on your phone bill

GI Products And Services That Suit Your Business Model
GI Telecom Ltd is an entity formed to operate specifically within the Telecommunications market within United Kingdom, boasting over 24 years of Telecommunications experience with highly qualified technicians; Genesis Interface Telecom Ltd is ideally placed to exploit the IP and VoIP market offering telephony solutions.
GI is a mature, well-established entity with a portfolio of specific market and continental experience providing IP and VoIP solutions to various businesses.

Please view our products and services below to learn more about GI Telecom:

VoIP Inbound

Has your company missed a call or two, from a client ora potential customer that may have wanted to use your company’s services? Be organised and in full control when it comes to your business!


VoIP’s web based conferencing feature is designed to cater to the needs of all types and sizes of organisations including home based offices. Conferencing is effective while saving costs.

Virtual Numbers

If your company is located in Asia but you want a UK or a US presence or if you're looking for a specific international number to accommodate your target market, then we have the perfect solution!

Cloud IP-PBX

Cloud IP-PBX is able to provide advance communication solutions scaled and designed to your exact business requirements. Our IP-PBX solution offers efficiency and productivity.

VoIP Outbound

Is your company operations highly dependent on outbound calls? Then nothing would be more logical than the GI VoIP hosting, saving your business up to 60% on your monthly bills.

Call Forwarding

A missed phone call means a missed opportunity for potential business. When offering GI VoIP phones, you are assured that you will boost sales and never miss another opportunity again.


Benefit from our voice mail feature, this system allows your callers to leave messages when unavailable to answer, voice mail messages can also be sent as attachments to your email.

Hosted Telephony

Businesses need to adjust to the economic changes, choosing a disaster resilient office telephony system is logical and imperative, this solution has many features and extremely cost effective.

SMS Messages

With your Soft-phone (mobile) or Hard-phone (IP-Phone), you have the benefit of sending SMS messages instantly to colleagues or customers as notices or reminders without any delays.

Call Waiting

This feature helps you control your calls. When your on a call and a customer try's to reach you, a bleeping sound warns you while the customer is aware that you will be with them shortly.

Fax Services

E-fax is the new office solution for those who want to increase their productivity in the office. GI Telecom continues to offer low cost efficiency by helping employees manage their time.

Sip Trunking

Thanks to the SIP telephony, it is now possible to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world from your Soft-phone (mobile) or Hard-phone (IP-Phone) maintaining excellent call quality.