Our Misssion

GI takes the stress and worry away from our clients by offering hosted telephony and call features while managing their communication needs with no nonsense efficiency at a lower cost, this allows the customer to concentrate on other areas of their business to increase sustainable growth to become more successful.

With GI VoIP telephony, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME) are finally able to grow, expand and make their operations more sustainable. With VoIP, businesses can now do away with the extra costs of setting up additional telephone lines that may not be utilised. Hosted telephony is a revolutionary innovation that can take your business to the next level. But when you decide to invest in your future, make sure you choose a reliable VoIP provider that works with you and provides uninterrupted service at a reasonable cost. This is the GI promise!

GI Telecom has been providing IT services for more than 13 years and expresses an excellent confirmation of our commitment and focus on quality. In addition, the inclusion of CRM services is a proof of our desire to provide our customers with the all in one packaged service. Our aim is to present you with a level of highly sophisticated business and information technology integration. Allow us to help you explore more feasible and sustainable solutions for your business. Our representatives are standing by. Call us if you would like to know more.

About Us

The Internet revolution introduced the unprecedented changes and unparalleled opportunities at all levels. The way we communicate has been dramatically changed like never before. GI Telecom dedicates itself to take the quality of your communications to the next level. We are inviting you to become a part of the digital era in a true sense with our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services.

In addition, we have more than a decade-long experience in providing IT solutions and customer support. The services we offer to our customers is constantly growing and changing. With the latest one - CRM Integration - we are promoting a new concept to have all what you may need in one place. Our Internet based services is the best possible guarantee where business expenditure shows a declining tendency, while at the same time the quality and reliability of services are constantly improving. 

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Challenge the impossible, pay affordable

GI Telecom

Wholesale termination

GI Telecom Ltd partners with international Tier 1 Operators allowing us to offer customers worldwide destinations at competitive prices placing GI amongst the leading carriers with in the telecommunications industry. If your looking to boost your business revenue by offering clients lower rates, then please contact GI Telecom today.

GI Telecom Offers
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  • Exceptional Call Quality
  • Various Business Solutions
  • 24 Years Experience
  • 100% GI Focus
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